Message from President, Matsubara, Takehisa

At Tokai Gakuen University, not only do we emphasize learning and knowledge but the development of the personal skills required to succeed within our society. Our educational concept of “living together and helping each other” forms the foundation for that philosophy.
All humans must coexist with their fellow citizens, society, and the natural environment around them. “Living together” is about keeping that in mind, appreciating it, and living as full a life as we personally can.
As people live into their hundreds and artificial intelligence is further developed, future society will require us to imagine revolutionary ideas and act upon them. My hope is that the four years spent at university prepares students for resounding success within such a society as they intently examine both the society and the world at large with their own eyes, gain real-world experience, discover friends, books, and most of all, themselves. I would like nothing more than for students to enjoy this period of discovery as they explore who they want to be and become self-sufficient.
This year, Tokai Gakuen University will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding. To mark this occasion, we have launched the Tokai Gakuen University Tomoiki Project as a new development that draws upon the spirit of “living together,” and we are now preparing lectures and practical training related to the environment as part of that initiative.
Based on the concept of “living together”, our university will do everything in our power to support the goals of our students as we head into the future together.